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Mat Festa

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Mat Festa,

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As the endless dance of the seasons waltzes once more into the months of summer the first thought to return is invariably the same. …Holy flerking schiznit it’s hot! Or at least it was when it came time to do this weeks cartoon. I can’t speak for the rest of you but personally when it gets to those days where you curse the sun’s very existence with a venomous passion all I want to do is nothing. Absolute uninterrupted nothing. In the spirit of said seasonal lethargy here is yet another Rejected Sport.

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This is what happens when you cartoon while hungry.

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Many Silly Things #3

Posted: March 27, 2012 by Mat Festa in Comics, Misc
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Sisters, brothers, children, your pleas have not gone unheard.

Desperately you have sought in these dark and troubled days a beacon to guide you through the mists of modern melancholia. Beset on all sides by the woes of our age you have desired reprieve, and indeed it has come. That which you see before you is your deliverance: Many Silly Things – an exegesis of the ridiculous by comickist Mat Festa.

Though potent it may be no single visual sensory experience could be enough shepherd you through the bleak horizons you may face. Hence, on alternating Tuesdays this comedic sagacity will be imparted to you. Hyperelectronically disseminated to your private mechanical window, designated work terminal, or pocket dwelling telephonic communicatory device you will have swift and sure access to these pages.

Rest assured we will meet again.