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Ndamukong Suh was suspended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  for two games earlier today for a complete and utter lack of self control. Suh has long had the reputation of a player that borders on the dirty, he’s called a throw-back and has received either praise for it, or he has been labeled a dirty player because of it.

For a few weeks I was on the fence with Suh. As I’ve stated previously I’m pretty stupid when i watch football, and Suh tickles the core of my brain with his play. The “Neanderthal Gene,” as it’s called sometimes, enjoys Suh when he’s launching quarterbacks with the intent to maim.

This transgression, however, is just stupid. This is throwing an interception in the endzone stupid. It’s a terrible mental mistake that a young team in the hunt for a playoff spot simply can’t afford. Suh has long bordered on the barbaric. Toeing that line can get tricky sometimes, and you need to be careful to not step outside of the lines.

Suh plays in the No Fun League, they’ll come after you for unsportsmanlike conduct. They will fine you for late hits. They will suspend you for taking a cheap shot at a defenseless player. And the NFL does not appreciate it when you try to dress it up with saying “I was trying to regain my balance.” I would respect Suh a bit more even with the stomp if he had just owned up for it, instead of hiding behind a poor excuse.

The Detroit Lions are fighting for a playoff spot, and they need their talented interior lineman to control the middle for them to increase their chances. Taking two weeks off so you can kick someone in the stomach isn’t tough or intimidating. It’s selfish. The Packers went on to blow out the Lions after Suh was kicked out of the game, and that is probably an omen of things to come.

Lions fans may say that Goodell is being unfair. They may feel that if they don’t make the playoffs that they have a right to bitch about it, and that they may have an excuse for failing to advance to the post season yet again.

They don’t. If the Lions lose the next two games, or even go 1-1 and fall short of the playoffs, the blame lays at the stomping feet of Ndamukong Suh. Suh has to be aware of the repercussions of his actions. Mental mistakes are inexcusable on the football field, especially when they keep you out of two key games heading down the stretch.