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My top 5 favorite boxing rounds.

I’m part of a dying breed, a real Boxing fan. Here are my favorite rounds of all time.

5. Barrera vs. Morales I, rd. 5, February 19, 2000.

Coming from a Mexican-American family, I tend to gravitate towards Mexican fighters. This trilogy is amongst my favorite boxing trilogies of all time. It pitted two warriors against each other, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. Round 5 has an interesting ebb and flow to it as Morales and Barrera go back and forth with momentum. Morales ended up winning the split decision

4. Ali vs. Frazier I, rd. 15, March 8, 1971.

AKA The Fight of the Century. Perhaps my favorite knockout of all time, mainly because of the look of surprise on Ali’s face. Frazier was Ali’s equal, the first guy to knock him down. He executed a great defensive strategy and used it as great offense against the faster Ali. The background for this fight has been discussed Ad nauseam, but it was a great fight. The technical aspects of this round aren’t as pretty as the others, but considering the legend of Ali and my love for Frazier, this makes the list.

3. Luis Castillo vs. Diego Corrales I, rd. 10, May 7, 2005.

Corrales is done at this point. He’s spitting out the mouth piece, his eye is swollen shut, Castillo is on his way to an elusive 10-6 round, Corrales needs a knockout to win. After going down for the second time, he digs deep and finds it, launching a furious assault that earns a stoppage. This is what I watch when I need some motivation.

2. Hagler vs. Hearns I, rd. 1, April 15, 1985.

Otherwise known as the war, this is considered by many as the best round of boxing in history. It’s certainly the most memorable start to a fight I can think of. There isn’t much to say besides that this ended with a bloody Hagler knocking Hearns out.

1. Gatti vs. Ward I, rd. 9, May 18, 2002.

My favorite sports moment. This is the most inspirational video I’ve ever seen. In all honesty this trilogy is the second greatest in boxing history, behind Ali vs. Frazier. Ward won the fight, but both fighters won a lot of respect by boxing fans the world over.