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Moe Rubio is going through the gauntlet and will post a Bulls related post every day for 12 days.

For this day we’re going to look at 8 Eastern Conference teams (excluding the Bulls, full preview on them later) and do a quick synopsis of what they will look like heading into the 2011-2012 season.

8. Milwaukee Bucks

You know I completely forgot this crazy bastard is in the division.

The arrival of Cap’n Jack signals some improvement for the Bucks, as they completely slipped last year and failed to make the playoffs after a few fans figured they would challenge the Bulls for the division. 2010 was a funky year, LeBron left a power vacuum in the Central and it was the Bulls that seized it as Jennings and Bogut both regressed, albeit for completely different reasons. There was a period after Jennings scored 55 points as a rookie that some in Chicago wondered if Derrick would ever be able to command a game like that.

It just goes to show you that you need to judge players against each other over the long haul and not take snapshots too seriously. The Bucks will be improved, but how much is a question. Stephen Jackson is the X Factor, if he somehow manages to not kill Scott Skiles, they should be fine, perhaps even climb to the 5-6 seed. Bogut is coming back healthy and Jennings should fit well in a redefined roll that scales back his shooting. They are a dangerous little team, but that’s only if they don’t self implode.