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In this episode we briefly look at the Brandon Marshall trade, then we go to our true love, baseball. We check in on Jamie Moyer, look at the AL and NL Central, list off our top 10 baseball memories and sit back, relax and strap it down. Enjoy kids, all love and no hate here.

As I write this, the 2 AM breeze hits me with ease (yes, the windows are open in March. Yes, it is glorious), and I continue my mini Woody Allen binge with another half-hearted attempt to take in Manhattan. It’s a good enough movie, but Woody himself even said it was his least favorite of those he’s made. In other news, the Bulls set a franchise regular season record earlier tonight for points allowed by holding D’s Nuts (my new, failed(?) nickname for Dwight Howard) and the Orlando Magic to an embarrassing 59 points. That’s what happens when you have every member of your team ready to play every night. Thanks Thibs.

You're welcome.

All Bulls euphoria, Woody Allen rambling, and summer in March hysteria aside, the sands of the NFL hourglass have shifted. Time has caught up with the city of Denver. It has bitten the asses of San Francisco and Tennessee. Yes, Peyton Manning will take snaps for the Denver Broncos next year, and the time-challenged task of replacing legendary #7 has ended. No matter how nice the Bay Area weather may be at times, real deal free agents don’t base their decisions on such things. The players who matter go where they think they have the BEST CHANCE TO WIN. Look at Mario Williams. He could’ve signed with Da Bears, won a few ball games, maybe contended for a title or two. Nope, he took an extra ten million or so to sign with the Buffalo fucking Bills. Not a player who matters. Good riddance. As you may sense from this somewhat bitter sages tone, we good sports fans of Chicago have been burned by high profile free agents in seemingly every major professional sport since free agency became a thing. I won’t bore you with the list of free agents who chose to sign elsewhere over the years, but it’s long and odd that none of them would have liked to live here in Chicago. I like to think we have a great culture here, not only sports culture, but culture in general. Why wouldn’t someone want to sign here? Is it really the shitty, unpredictable weather? If you’re not used to it, maybe it’s a little overbearing. But if you’re from here, the weather shifts are a thing of beauty to be appreciated and celebrated. The extreme cold builds character and toughness, and the hot summers (and springs now, apparently) are our reward for bundling up the rest of the year. No reward in the sports free agent signing world though.

Are the expectations different here the way they’ve been for Denver quarterbacks since the turn of the century?
The timing for the departures of legends like Jordan and Elway lend themselves to a comparison of sorts. Denver hasn’t had a legitimite quarterback since then, and we’ve had so many unGodly horrible shooting guards grace us with their absence since the premature dismantling of our beloved dynasty. The difference seems to be that we have the good sense not to expect anone to ever even come close to accomplishing what Jordan accomplished…ever. It’s an exercise in futility. But for whatever reason, Denver quarterbacks and their fans have been repeating the third grade for the better part of fifteen years. Now they have one of the greatest to ever throw the ball leading their team. His reads are unbelievable. His command of the offense is unparalleled. His football IQ is a mile high. His name is Peyton Manning, and he is a Denver Bronco. Appreciate it, football fans of Denver.
Here in Chicago, we know a thing or two about filling the shoes of a legend. Chicago shooting guard will never ever…ever (ever) be as it once was when #23 graced the hardwood, not even close. We know this. The quarterback position holds a similar standard in Denver since Sir Elway left town (only to return in full decision making mode in their front office). Jay Cutler came to Chicago partly because he couldn’t fulfill the snap-taking expectations in the Mile High City. Tim Tebow (yes, he does have a first name) never had the backing of the Broncos brass. Jake Plummer had a couple above-average seasons, but since Elway won back to back titles and saluted his way out of the NFL, Denver had yearned for an MVP under center. They got him. 

Peyton Manning is an MVP in every imaginable sense: on the field, off the field, in the film room, on TV, whatever the challenge may be, #18 will beat it. He made Marvin Harrison Marvin Harrison. Same goes for Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and every Peyton-made Pro Bowler who played for the Colts. He’ll more than likely do the same for the young core of receivers in Denver. Just go ahead and pencil them in for an AFC West title and a trip to New England for the AFC Championship where the Brady vs. Manning rivalry will resume.
Tebowmania will rightfully relocate to the Arena League next year. 

Where Our Collective Nightmare Comes True

Posted: December 12, 2011 by Mauricio Rubio Jr. in Football, NFL
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I am a very tolerant person when it comes to religion. I am usually not judgmental, I don’t discriminate against someone because of their particular creed. I’m rather open minded when it comes to matters of faith.

That particular part of me dissipates like a mist when it comes to Saint Tebow. A neanderthal is born when I witness the rudimentary play of a running quarterback who’s faith has been shoved so far down my throat I have started to shit bibles.

For those of you scoring at home, that’s the first time I’ve cursed on this blog, and it’s all because of Tim Tebow. I get it, I really do, he’s a nice kid (we’re told) who is an interesting story because of his visible deficiencies as a passer. He’s found a niche that can last only so long before a league that demands you be a proficient passer let’s you know what it thinks of you.

So it came to pass that on this particular Sunday, surrounded by an Irishman (there’s been a lot of that lately), a Mexican who doesn’t like football really, and a whole lotta empty bar, we all cheered for the decapitation of the patron saint of annoying.

It never came to pass as once again the stupidity of Tebow’s opposition allowed him the opportunity to eke out another win that somehow gives credence to the idea that Tim Tebow is a great quarterback.

Never mind that it was a tremendous defensive effort that held the Bears in check. Forget that the Broncos relied on two crazy long FG’s to tie and win the game. Forget that Marion Barber ran out of bounds, stopping the clock and giving the ball back to the Broncos. Who cares that Barber later fumbled in overtime when it looked like he had green pastures ahead of him en route to an end zone celebration. And really, does it matter that Lovie Smith went away from the swarming defense that stifled Timmy for 3 quarters, holding him for a 3-13 effort and went prevent on us?

I mean, clearly God’s will was done as Tim lead an uninspired drive for the game winning FG. That’s the narrative.

In an age of truly elite quarterback play, we celebrate Tim Tebow. We are blocking the pure mastery of Aaron Rodgers from our minds so we may instead focus on lame ducks floating from the fingertips of God. We’ve laid claim that Tim Tebow is the most clutch QB in the league while forgetting that Eli Manning is going to break the record for 4th quarter TD’s and he has lead truly inspired comeback victories.

The story of Tim Tebow isn’t complete yet, but for now it remains as an annoyance to most sensible football fans.