Wookie Cookies: All The Flaovor, None Of The Hair

Posted: December 11, 2012 by Mauricio Rubio Jr. in Misc


What it is this cookie?

It’s a “Wookie Cookie.”

It looks like a regular chocolate chip cookie.

Oh no, there’s more to this cookie than meets the eye! There’s a subtle flavor to it that clearly draws it’s inspiration from Kashyyyk culture. I mean look at it, it’s clearly reference 1st era Woo-

Stop bullshitting

Fair enough.


I got my friend a Star Wars cookbook from the Air and Space museum in Washington DC a month ago. This was purely a gag gift. It was clearly intended for little kids as an arts and crafts project they can work on while some poor parent desperately looked to tire their progeny out.

I never thought she would actually make something from the cookbook.

Alas, a gag gift turns itself into real cookies which in turn becomes a fake scouting report on said cookie and the inside joke advances itself to a fairly ridiculous level. At some point this joke will go to far and all parties involved will deeply regret the day I passed up other gag gifts and said, “Hey, you know what would be REALLY funny?”

Anyway. All this will be on the 20-80 scale.


For me there are a few key factors that make a successful cookie.

  • Contents
  • Texture/Chew Factor
  • Concept
  • Presentation


This is essentially a chocolate chip cookie. This is already coming out ahead in my book. I love chocolate chip cookies. It’s perhaps the most basic of cookies, but it’s also the workhorse of the cookie rotation. You can always fall back on the chocolate chip cookie, you can depend on it to eat innings for you, even if it isn’t solid.

This cookie had an interesting approach. My friend used two types of chocolate chips. Sweetened and unsweetened. At first I didn’t like the idea. After thinking about it I started to appreciate the nuance of using two different sweetness levels in one cookie.

Haha just kidding, I still hate the idea.

Grade: 40. Needs milk to play up to average.

Texture/Chew Factor:

I don’t like thin cookies, so this one was already behind the 8 ball. I heard it from a source that the recipe was flawed. The source indicated that the cookies ended up being larger than they looked in the picture and that they thinned out too much even though the proper amount of ingredients was used. I think we can just hang the L on Lucas on this one and move on.

The texture was fine. I was put off at first but it played well. The chew factor was present, surprisingly. The center retained moisture and had a decent feel to it.

Grade: 55. Can play up to a 60/65.


Dude, it’s a fucking Wookie Cookie. I’m only slightly disappointed there wasn’t more gimmick.

Grade: 70


It came in a plastic container topped with aluminium foil.

Grade: 30/80 This has elite potential though. If you got really creative with it you can theoretically have an elite tool here.


60 grade cookie, first division starter, teases with elite potential. Needs to refine the approach to become elite, but the potential is there.

Also, it’s pretty fucking amazing that someone made me any cookies, so that certainly adds a lot to the final grade.

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