The Day After: Peavy’s Deal

Posted: October 31, 2012 by Mauricio Rubio Jr. in Baseball, MLB, Sports
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Personally, I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of the signing. I am allowing room for myself to become a fan of the move, but as it stands it smells like the halfway competing bullshit that Williams used to pull: acquire some high risk high reward talent and hope for the best. Twitter seemed to like the deal though:

And Keith Law is a lot smarter than I am about these things.

David Haugh can have his…weird moments but my main issue with “addressing other needs” is that I don’t think SP was their main need. I do think it was that massive black hole at 3rd and what could be a developing albatross behind the plate.

If anything twitter will let you know who is a good follow and a bad follow for baseball news/analysis. Holmes is great at football but he does have his fair share of unfortunate moments with baseball.




Rongey has the toughest job in America, dealing with White Sox postgame callers for an extended period of time. He likes the deal which maybe means it’s a good deal, or he’s blindly hoping that it is to mitigate the stupid.

And then there’s Jayson Stark…who does things.

White Sox fans, the twitterverse thinks you got a deal, and I might have to agree with it. I’m just not sure it makes any sense for this squad.





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