dad wud b proud: Fathers’ Day Weekend at Dodger Stadium as told through texts

Posted: June 20, 2012 by jaydreezy in Sports

Hard up for cash, I sold my Friday tickets on a Tuesday.

Mr. Deeds to Druska (Thurs., 6/14; 6:37PM):

Are you going to sox vs dodgers tomorrow night? If so what a sick pitcher matchup. Sale vs Kershaw.

Slick Willy to Druska (Fri., 6/15; 10:08AM):

Are you going to all 3 games of the Dodger series? Tonights pitching matchup is sick.

Oh man, you have to go today, Sale is worth it.

Druska to Jay (Fri., 6/15; 10:53AM):

I don’t suppose you found a taker for that other ticket yet?

Jay to Druska:

funny you should ask. I don’t think I’ll be able to go now. Do you want them?

UM, FUCK YEAH. Due to Paypal and Stubhub bullshit, the handoff was easier than you’d assume.

Adam Dunn jacks a solo bomb in the top of the first. Any ideas that Kershaw was going to make this a pitchers’ duel are erased.

Druska and Mr. Deeds:

– HAHAHAHHAHA Dunn bombjack.

– Yeah dude he is dirty right now. 23 bombs 52 RBIs. Can you say come back player of the year and All Star.

Slick Willy to Druska:

Dunn has 23 homers, the Cubs have 22 wins. Who will have more by the end of the year?

Later on, Konerko singles in Dunn. I’m in the bathroom and I have to hear the greatest play-by-play man in the game call it.

Druska to Mr. Deeds:

Vin Scully: “Konerko singles in Dunn…Konerko and Dunn, not exactly what you would imagine being a relay team…”

Druska to Mr. Deeds (9:49PM):

Dodgers security has told me I can’t stand up for the rest of the game.

Ultimately, the Sox lose to L.A., 7-6. The old fogie BROOKLYN Dodger fans I met who came from fucking Arizona must have loved that.

Saturday, we’re back. I’m sitting with one of 3 Cubs fans I’m willing to watch a baseball game with, Brendan McGowan.

Druska and Slick Willy (Sat., 6/16; 8:54PM):

– Back in the 3rd, I seriously feared for my life…aggressive Los Doyers fans were displeased with me. Luckily the cinder block vendor was nowhere near.

– Man, nothing has changed since the Stow incident I take it.

– Well I’m still breathing so maybe they’ve mellowed out a little

– Whew, you “dodged” a bullet.

Hardest I’ve laughed in all of 2012.

Druska to Slick Willy:

Vin Scully: “So Ramirez gets hit by a pitch…and he doesn’t have a lot of…flesh on him to absorb it…”

That HBP would be the dealbreaker, as Ramirez was singled in later in the inning. The Sox win, 5-4. Then I went to watch Brendan do stand-up at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Sunday. Sunday I’m back. It’s a day game, so the whole dichotomy changes. I sit Loge with Vlad, a great north side Sox fan.

Druska to @dilwazr (Sun., 6/17; 12:18PM):

Had to HAD TO bump When the Levee Breaks rolling into Dodgers Stadium just now.

Druska to Mr. Deeds (Sun., 6/17; 12:22PM):

No tailgating at Dodger Stadium…we’re making due.

Druska to Slick Willy:

Konerko’s not playing. My tickets should be half price.

Druska to Raul: (Sun., 6/17; 1:34PM)

Tyler fucking Flowers?!

(Sun., 6/17; 2:06PM)

“the wave” is already going here. Meanwhile Danks is batting. Kill me

By this point, after three straight days of proper pre-gaming and largely lackluster baseball, I kind of lose track of all the distractions and focus on the game.

Bad idea. Reed blows a 1-0 lead in the ninth and Dee Gordon brings it home for the Dodgers in the tenth. The Sox are now 3-3 when I’m in attendance this season; 4-3 all time against L.A.

At least at the end of it all, I remembered to call my dad and grandpa.


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