Sports Infographics: The Best Facial Hair in Baseball (And yes, we’re completely serious.)

Posted: June 1, 2012 by Shelley Elaine in Sports
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Editor’s Note: So what the hell is a Sports Infographic? It’s a fabulously designed visual representation of any sports-related shenanigans that we want to share with you, our beautiful readers. These gems will be semi-regular, so if you have a suggestion for future infographics, let us know!

I love facial hair.

It actually is kind of a problem. I’ve been placed in many uncomfortable positions because of my fondness for a beautifully trimmed ‘stache or a ZZ Top-worthy beard. Unfortunately, some of the Cad T. Wasp guys know all too well (sorry, gents) that I can never refuse a good beard stroking. (Sometimes I just skip formal introductions and go straight for the facial hair.)

And what better place is there to appreciate perfectly coiffed and trimmed facial hair than in Major League Baseball? It really is an art form. And these men are professionals.

This was not any easy task, because anyone that appreciates facial hair like I do knows that you will find the most beautiful variety of beardly goodness strapped on to ball players’ faces.

There was some intense debate and deliberation over the players chosen. There were many contenders that didn’t quite make the list. But here is our list of the best of the best. We even included a Hall of Fame to pay homage to the grizzly pioneers of baseball.

  1. Austin says:

    How in the blue hell did you miss Todd Helton here? How?

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