That was ugly

And to be honest rather than focus on the improbable victory over the same team just days earlier and the pasting of the Magic the night before, we’re going to concentrate on something Bulls fans need to start understandeing, especially after the Atlanta Hawks blew them out on Saturday.

You’re gonna have ugly games like this from time to time.

I think the most important thing for the average fan to grasp is the fact that a high effort/high energy team will just not have it on a given night. Every single point scored by the Bulls is a grinding effort to the basket. Every single Bulls defensive possession is a grinding effort to prevent the other team from getting to the basket. It’s a grind both ways and in a truncated season it’ll wear on the players.

This isn’t to make excuses for the play, however. It was awful. Rose had his worst game as a pro Saturday night. Joakim Noah, for all the work he’s put into his offensive game, is shooting 38% from the floor and is a 7 Pt., 7 Reb. guy right now. That’s unacceptable. Add in Boozer’s ole defense and it’s going to be a bad mix.

You can’t always rely on Derrick Rose to bail you out. It’s time for that vaunted Bulls frontcourt to step up their game and start contributing in a bigger way. Deng has been solid, but Boozer needs to be more consistent. He’s shown flashes of being the second option that can get easy buckets, but he shoots too many fade-a-ways to be that type of reliable scoring threat, I think.

I’ve said it a few times, how well Boozer plays will determine how the Bulls do against the Heat. Trust me, that’s still the only match up that really matters. Yes, the Atlanta Hawks will be annoying in the postseason. They are an athletic team that when motivated can do what they did to the Bulls. But, they might also be the dumbest team in the league. It’s the same, inconsistent team that lost to a LeWade-less heat team the night before. In triple OT. They are a merry group of knuckleheads, every once in a while they’ll come up and bite you, but for the most part they are perfectly harmless.

Don’t panic Bulls fans, this team seems to respond well to losing, actually. And the rest will be important. This next stretch of games will be a real test of how the Bulls handle the rest of the shortened season.

Remember, OKC won three games in three nights. Your turn Chicago.

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