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Posted: November 26, 2011 by Mauricio Rubio Jr. in Basketball, NBA, Top 5
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This is usually supposed to be a weekly column, and it’s Andy’s turn, but being the biggest buckethead on the show and considering that I’m not a “real” Blackhawks fan yet, and that the NBA lockout just ended, I had to throw this together.

Moe’s Top 5 Basketball Related Youtube Videos

5. Stacey King Finds Stewie

It was before Stacey King hit his stride. It was a time before Derrick Rose, when Bulls basketball wasn’t terrible, but it was a rough watch. Stacey King finds Stewie, and Noc just absolutely posterizes him. Two things, I love Stacey, and a part of me misses Noc.

4. Stacey King’s Top 10 Calls of Derrick Rose

Talent recognizing talent man. These are a pretty good synopsis of what watching a Bulls game is like now. All the catch phrases that spawned a sound board, the pure basketball joy that radiates from Stacey King is outstanding. I love listening to him and I wonder what it was like to sit next to him on the bench during the early 90’s run of Bulls excellence.

3. Derrick Rose, The Unicorn

This started as a meme, I forget who the original outlet was, but a blog called Derrick Rose a unicorn and it all took off from there. This is in the Steve Porter vein of Sports Remixes and all that, and it might be a little weird, but I love it.

2. Jordan tells LeBron What’s Up

This is a mash up of two pretty good commercials that come together to become excellent. It’s a great response to the LeBron “What Should I Do” ad that was out there after he joined the Heat. That and MJ in commercials is always awesome.

1. The 1996 Double Dip

A few things, yes this is two videos, and yes I cheated. This is from that 1995-1996 72 win season, and the intro to the game sums up the emotion perfectly. I remember watching this in my living room after having to see the Sonics celebrate a game 5 victory like they won the whole damn thing, confetti and all. Never bet against Michael Jordan. Ever.


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