An Issue of Self Awareness Compounded by A Spiritual Quarterback

Posted: November 18, 2011 by Mauricio Rubio Jr. in Football, NFL
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I hate myself as a football fan. Absolutely loathe myself. I’m smarter than what I turn into on Sundays. I become a screaming idiot, hungry for the next concussion inducing car crash to occur on a frozen field in the snow. I root for kickers to have their comparatively smaller bodies crunched in between 600+ pounds of anger and athleticism in a cathartic experience of schadenfreude.

On Sundays I become a caricature of a football fan. I become base, simplistic, primal. I yearn for the running back to carry defenders with him into the endzone. I lust after dangerous collisions which are surely cutting short of the players that I care so little about.

My initial reaction to the Jay Cutler NFC Championship injury, “What a pussy.”

I become a moron.

Such is life as a football fan. I think we all toe that line, we all become something that we would never show in any other context (at least I hope not).

No matter how stupid I become during football games however, I will never be stupid enough to recognize Tim Tebow as a good quarterback.

If you want a true over the top account of the Tebow love, follow Skip Bayless. Re-watch the NFL Network’s post game coverage of last night’s Jets-Broncos game. Understand that the most polarizing figure in modern sports is almost a pure media creation.

Even I am contributing to the continued over-coverage of a quarterback with minimal passing skills and a whole lotta faith behind him.

But this is the situation that we as football fans find ourselves in. He’s here, he’s not going away for awhile, and we’re going to have to find a way to deal with him.

I should appreciate a player like Tebow more, considering I grew up in Chicago watching the parade of talentless Bears quarterbacks make a mockery of the position. Tim Tebow should be a player I root for. He’s basic, primal, instinctive and he tries really really hard.

I hate him as a quarterback. I hate the 3 second hitch in his throw, the stupid jump throw he executes every once in a while. I hate that the Jets decided to blitz on that last play, allowing Tebow to waltz into the endzone virtually untouched and perhaps solidifying his “legend” amongst his rabid fans. I hate that the memory of having drive after drive starting in Jets territory and failing will be wiped by a touchdown trot.

People will forget that the Jets had no business being in this game, that a real quarterback would’ve closed the door on them in the second quarter given the same opportunities Tebow enjoyed.

He’s an assault on my football sensibilities. His fans defend him as though he is a reflection of themselves. There’s no room to sit back and just watch Tim Tebow. Defenders call him an MVP candidate, detractors (like myself) wish him failure at every turn.

It’s agonizing to watch, especially when his victories are taken out of context. Especially when people conveniently forget what happens to “Tebow Bowl” when faced up against a good offense and a defense that can sit back in zone coverage and wait, like the Lions did.

I find that you’re either rooting for the canonization of Saint Tebow, or the absolute evisceration of Jesus’ quarterback. All the religious overtones are there and ripe for the picking. As I’ve asserted before, I don’t mind players thanking God, I have no issue with any religion. What I do take issue with is a player forcing himself into the forefront and pushing his beliefs down my throat, especially when that player is not good at his position.

He’s here though, and he’s not going away anytime soon. Well, unless the Bears absolutely destroy him in two weeks. I would be satisfied with that.

  1. mrmcirish says:

    The thing that I think most of us are missing is that Tebow, somehow, has given fans in Denver a sliver of hope. One that is very reminiscient of Orton’s 2005 season in Chicago so I won’t knock any Broncos fan for being happy. Everyone else needs to come back to reality about this guy and recognize him for the third stringer he is.

  2. Keep up the good work!

  3. […] a few weeks I was on the fence with Suh. As I’ve stated previously I’m pretty stupid when i watch football, and Suh tickles the core of my brain with his play. […]

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